How to manage talent in a virtual workspace

Yogendra Joshi
2 min readApr 14, 2020


When a crisis hits, it is important to stay sane, and understand that your business can still function, or even flourish. All you need is a smart strategy.

But how can you bring your talent on the same page in this virtual ‘work from home’ economy? And a receding economy at that.

The ground reality

As of now in the first week of April 20', COVID-19 has forced a helter-skelter for the corporate world. Demands have plummeted. People are compelled to remain indoors, in the cocoon of their homes.

Gladly, technology is free from corona infection. And today, it is wise for your organization to leverage the power of technology and manage your employees while they try to work from home.

Below is the HRs flow of transition to kickstart a work from home culture.

Cook ‘Data+Performance+Rewards’ together

Think of innovation to stay afloat and even thrive during this crisis.

To start the transformation, take these steps:

Get performance data of individuals, teams, and processes. The aim of the data is to align it with the goals and objectives of the organization. Zinbucks research found that data helps improve performance by 68%.

Implement automation to measure the performance of individuals. It helps you to follow the progress and recognize the best performers. They are the ones who will help you realize your long-term goals.

Automate recognition and reward process after you have an intelligent data system to measure performance. Give award points for performance. These points can buy users things and they are duly rewarded.

Re-establish a conducive virtual experience for the employees during COVID-19 situation is just what the doctor orders. Competition, performance, and awards give the employee a meaningful ecosystem of working remotely.

The rise in remote work

We were adjusting to the gig economy very well. Talent, who can deliver from home, is sought by many firms. Today, we are the helm of it. Millions are working from home. With COVID fear looming, the immediate future will be of people working from home, maintaining social distancing, and keeping the infections at bay.

Zinbucks is here to work with you and your team in such a time. Our technology surely makes it simple for HR, managers, and employees to keep their work engaging and fun during these trying times.